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Our Stylists

Find your perfect match

We have 3 Different Levels of Stylists, all of our stylists no matter what level attend frequent trainings, and all of our graduates go through extensive training before they are at a level 1, so rest assured you will always get the best quality work!

Level 1:These stylists are just getting their start in the industry and are sponges for knowledge.

Level 2:These professionals have been in the industry for a few years, established their clientele base and developed their skills.

Level 3: These stylists have the largest clientele list and also offer services that they specialize in. Since master stylists have some major industry knowledge, they do a great deal of educating and helping to train junior stylists.

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Kristine Murillo

Kristine Level 3 Stylist

Team Leader +Master Extensionist/Hair Replacement +

Educator + Editorial Stylist 


Julianna Level 2 Stylist

Hair Stylist + Lash + Laser Tech


Angela Level 3 Stylist

Master Stylist + Precsion Haircut Specialist+ Master Colorist


Emily Level 2 Stylist

Hair Stylist

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Lisa Level 3 Stylist

Senior Hair Stylist


Alexa New Talent + Salon Apprentice

Hair + Esthetics + Laser


Angelo Salon Assistant


Gabbie Salon Apprentice


Nina Level 3 Stylist

Independent Stylist + Paul Mitchell Educator



Independent Stylist

Hair Replacement + Extension specialist

Katelyn Level 3 Stylist
Independent Hair Stylist 
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