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Hair Extensions
Non Surgical Hair Replacement

Whether you are looking for a dramatic change in length, or just to add a little more fullness and dimension. Maybe you are battling health issues, or have thinning areas that you don't want to see. You can rest assured that we have a solution for you!




Hair Extensions

Before booking your appointment, we will have a thorough consultation with you, so that we can manage expectations and answer any and all questions you might have. We will determine length and color and get you set up for your installation appointment.


What's Included

Included in your installation appointment is custom installation of your chosen method, custom cut and style, and a luxury extension starter kit with all the essentials you will need to give your new hair a little extra TLC.


Coloring of your own hair to match is priced at the rate of your artist  in addition to the installation fee.


Cost discussed at consultation, each person has an individual need, this is not a one size fits all. Prices vary with installation method, length, and texture.

Hair Replacement
hair replacement


Kristine Murillo


There are many installation options to choose from.  Our Artist will go over the pros and cons of each as well as maintenance and lifestyle, to ensure the best method is chosen for your needs. Installation appointments require a non refundable reservation fee which will be charged at the time of your booking and is applied to your appointment the day of your Install. 


At your appointment, you will be responsible for the remaining cost of your installation. All cancellations or reschedules must be made at least 72 hours in advance or the retainer will be forfeited. You can expect to invest 2-3 hours of time at your initial installation appointment. Snacks and beverages are provided.

The Methods

Pricing with Kristine



*Average starting price 


16 inch - $1350

18 inch - $1375 

20 inch - $1400

24 inch - $1500



*Average starting price


16 inch - $1680

18 inch - $1710

20 inch - $1770

24 inch - $1800



Tape Ins


*Average starting price


16 inch - $1080

18 inch - $1110

20 inch - $1140

22 inch - $1230

DEPOSIT: 50% non refundable deposit will be required to set the appointment. The install fee is due at the install appointment. The package rate includes hair + install + tax + a blending cut. It is against our license and certifications to allow anyone to leave with packaged hair.


CONTRACT: Upon scheduling your installation appointment, we require an install + maintenance contract to be signed.



*Average starting price varies with application method (hand tied, machine tied, beaded), and texture, this is for 1 row



16 inch - $725


20 inch - $875

22 inch - $1025

24 inch - $1250

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