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What to Expect in the First Week After the Application

When first brushing your hair from root to end their will be excess hair in the bush this will be a combination of "loose" and "bonded" hair, this is normal after each installation.

After this period, you will have minimal shedding of loose and bonded hair

Maintenance is recommended every 3-6 weeks, consult your stylist for your next appointment.

It is important not to touch or pick at the bonds excessively, this can cause the bonds to break down and discolor.

On average we lose approximately 150-200 strands of hair from our head a day, this is called shedding, shedding is a natural and normal occurrence, so as with all hair extension applications including the CombLine application some of your extension hair will shed with your own hair.

First 24 hours after application

Do not wash your hair or use a straightener (hot iron) or apply a chemical treatment, only gently brush hair from mid length onwards for at least 24 hours after the application.

Shampooing your Hair

Use a Shampoo recommended by your stylist specific to the CombLine application.

Shampoo your hair gently massaging from the top to the bottom in a downwards motion. Do not use a circular motion on your scalp when shampooing. If you have oily hair consult your stylist on the best products to use.

Conditioning your Hair

Use a Conditioner recommended by your stylist specific to the CombLine application.

Drying Your Hair

Pat Dry your hair with a towel using long stokes.

Brushing your Hair

Gently Brush your hair from root to end and over the bonds using an

Extension Brush.

Before you go to Bed

If you have long extensions you need to plait your hair in a loose plait. Use a Silk pillow case (all lengths) Never go to bed with wet hair this will cause tangling and matting.


Immediately after swimming rinse your hair with clean water, pat dry with a towel then gently Brush.

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